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VSR-10 Cylinder guide rings

VSR-10 Cylinder guide rings

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These guide rings not only provide perfectly smooth motion, but also eliminate the play between the receiver and outer barrel, drastically improving the accuracy of the rifle.

The play is a result of the tolerances in the threads of the outer barrel and receiver. The front guide fills in the gap between the receiver and barrel, providing a stiff connection between the two.

Due to the variations in manufacturing it may be required to slightly shorten the front guide, so the set screw can match up with the hole in the outer barrel. You can do so with a piece of sand paper placed on a even surface, then gently sand down the thick part of the guide in a figure 8 motion. After that check the alignment and repeat if necessary.

The guides are designed ro the standard 24mm diameter cylinders used in Tokyo Marui, JG and others.


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