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Upgrade parts for ODIN M12 Sidewinder speedloader / replicas

Upgrade parts for ODIN M12 Sidewinder speedloader / replicas

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Improved parts for the ODIN M12 sidewinder airsoft speedloader and its replicas.

Pick a part:

  • Reinforced wheel for BB loading
  • Nozzle that holds the BBs after releasing the magazine
  • Lid with a magazine emptying nozzle and plug

A bundle including all parts is available here.

One of the most common problems of the ODIN speedloader is the quick wear of the BB loading wheel even after 1-2 months of use. Our wheel is made from reinforced plastic and has drastically wider teeth for more sturdiness.

This type of speedloaders typically come with a metal nozzle that goes into the magazine. This leads to additional wear of the magazine's plastic. Also, when removing the magazine from the speedloader quite a lot of BBs fall out. Our nozzle is made from reinforced plastic and prevents the BBs from falling when releasing the magazine.

We also offer a lid for the speedloader that has a nozzle added on top for quick and easy emptying of magazines after a game. The lid also comes with a plug for the nozzle that doubles as a handle for opening the lid.

*The parts DO NOT include a speedloader!


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